Bringing on the big fittings


Strata Precision Plastics are now in the large bore Polyethylene fitting game with the purchase of some key equipment.


Over the past few months we have been bringing together equipment from all parts of the world that will allow us to manufacture a range of fittings, including Fabricated Bends, Tees and Wyes up to 1200mm. Using recognised european equipment means that we are able to offer well manufactured fittings for use in a range of project applications.


Along side the above fittings machine, Strata Precision Plastics are also in the position to supply an excellent range of reducing tees from a 225mm main way up to 1200mm. The process of manufacture allows for the full pressure rating of the pipe to be retained meaning that the expense and supply of fully rated fittings with be main easier and more cost effective.


To complement our current range of formed (swept) Polyethylene Bends, Strata Precision Plastics have invested in equipment which will allow us to manufacuture bends up to 1000mm.

For more information on any of these fittings, contact any of our sales team.

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