The Christchurch Rebuild – Were having a threading great time!

With the rebuild of Christchurch ever increasing in intensity, Strata Precision Plastics is right amongst the work going on in redeveloping their underground services. With the development of the Restrain™ product by Iplex Pipelines NZ Ltd in conjunction with Strata, the demand for pipe has meant our machines are running at capacity and to the point that in late 2012, Strata Precision Plastics purchased another machine to keep up with that demand.

“It just got to a point that we needed to buy another machine to provide the service required to meet that demand, In the end we also paid extra to get it air freighted in just so that the contractors putting Restrain™ in the ground were not disadvantaged by poor supply”  - National Sales Manager, Paul Dale

Most of the Restrain™ going into the ground in Christchurch is being used as a relining pipe for household lateral connections. This is mainly being achieved through the use of pipe bursting equipment. 

Restrain™ is available in sizes 100mm – 300mm. For more information, please contact either Iplex Pipelines NZ Ltd or one of our sales representatives. 

Download Restrain Design Installation Guide

Download Restrain Demo Video


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