Hydrant Tee


Hydrant tees are manufactured to allow for easy installation into any water main that has been constructed of Polyethylene. Our hydrant tees are manufactured through a number of processes, either using injection moulded tees or by machining from heavy pipe material.

Hydrant tees made from Polyethylene have historically been made having a 90mm OD (74mm ID) on the branch, Strata have recently started manufacturing a tee that has a 100mm ID. This has allowed for significantly more flow being achieved through the hydrant. The standard 90mm OD offtake allows approx. 217 litres/second while our "Hi-Flow" tee allows for approx. 430 litres/second.

With any fittings installed in a water main application where it has the potential for use as a means of supplyng water to the NZ Fire Service, any fittings must comply with SNZ PAS 4509:2003


These fittings are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 4129:2008

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