Slotted Effluent Pipe

Where a property is not connected to mains sewerage, waste water from the kitchen sink, washing machine, shower and bath - and effluent from the toilet - is often piped into an underground septic tank. A pipe leaves the septic tank carrying the liquid effluent - which will still contain a small proportion of solid material - into an effluent field. The effluent field is a vital part of a septic tank drainage system.

The septic effluent leaving the septic tank is composed of liquid sewage with a low solids concentration. The effluent field disperses this into the subsoil where natural processes complete the breakdown of the sewage. Effluent fields are constructed of long trench lines filled with clean stone, through which the effluent is distributed along slotted effluent pipe.

The size of the effluent field system required depends on the number of residents the system is serving.  


HDPE lilac pipe slotted for effluent use. Manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1547.



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