Manhole Short Gritted RRJ

We currently manufacture a range of different types of gritted manhole shorts that are determined by local authority requirements.


Gritted manhole shorts are a rubber ring joint fitting made in sizes from 100mm to 575mm and has a sand grit that allows for effective bonding of the fitting to concrete manholes using epoxy bond or concrete plaster. This type of manhole short is supplied throughout the North Island and is coded as Z1500GR.


Manhole Short Gritted RRJ - Short Island Type (Starter)


This gritted manhole short is available in the full range of sizes from 100mm to 575mm. The grit pattern is positioned differently to the type above and is supplied into the South Island. Starter refers to this being installed at the start of any pipe line. These are coded Z1500GRC.


Manhole Short Gritted Finisher


A gritted manhole finisher is a gritted length of uPVC pipe with a plain chamfered end. Finishers are installed at the end of any pipeline and is used with one of our plain manhole shorts.

All products are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1260:2009

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